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CyclingSite WebsiteDesign

During the course at Objectif3W students were approached and asked to provide a design template for a mountain bike enthusiast website.



During the 2017 course our class was approached by cycling enthusiast with a small but growing youtube channel. The person was looking to completely redesign their website, with the intention of revamping the image of the site, attracting new customers and supporting the youtube channel

With this project I indulged my imagination and tried to create a very original website template. I decided to use the theme of bicycle tire treads and created a zig-zag pattern to the structure of the site. The zig-zags provide a dynamic structure to the entire page, allow for clear identification of the different sections and create an overall identity that is unique to the design. Ambitious though it is as a design I think it would be possible to implement in an ergonomic manner. Although I haven’t yet had the time to try and integrate this template, I still intend to try doing so at some point… I like the challenge of trying to implement a very specific visual design

Site viewed on iMac

The full layout of the home page

Close-up of the site header (see gallery for close-ups of entire page)

Here are a selection of other images from this project, including close-ups of each section of the homepage. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here