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AquaticSports PosterandFlyer


Poster, flyer and window sticker design for O-Sport Centre Aquatique, in conjunction with Com Creative World, Montpellier.



This client approached Com Creative World for a new logo and advertising posters and flyers to coincide with their business moving. Whilst I had some input on the logo,
not enough of it was of my work or conception to present it as part of my portfolio. The poster and flyers however were completely my work and design

The water surface effect was made in Illustrator and was by far the most time consuming part of the work. I wanted to present the photos of activities in circles so as to retain cohesion with the round bubbles that feature in the design, but this raised some challenges in trems of arranging the five activities in the space available. Initially the client said that they wanted to add text on the posters to explain the activities on offer, but then changed their minds and asked for it to be removed from the final designs

All work carried out in conjunction with Com Creative World, Montpellier

The final poster design seen in situ

All work carried out in conjunction with Com Creative World, Montpellier

The A3 ad poster design (left) and two-part window sticker design (right)

… and again

These were the first designs proposed to the client

The final flyer design show in situ

Here are a selection of other images from this project. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here