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CardGame NewsLetter


Objective to design in Photoshop and then integrate in HTML a newsletter, as part of the Cystopia collectible card game project at Objectif 3W.



This newsletter was another part of the Cystopia group project, to make an online collectible card game. The principle objective of the landing page was to encourage users to sign up for the newsletter, so once the landing page design was terminated, the next step was to design and code the newsletter.

Early on I had the idea to format the newsletter as if it were a game card, which meant incorporating elements of the card design into the newsletter. However this left the significant challenge of trying fit all the relevant information into a relatively limited area. In the end we went with a very straightforward design, and to maintain the integrity and readability of the information I was obliged to add a small footer

Newsletter on different devices

Two different designs tried for the newsletter, the one of the left was chosen

The final design choice and the table structure for the HTML

To open the full newsletter in separate window please click here

Here are a selection of images from this project. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here