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FrenchRestaurant MenuDesign


Complete Menu layout and design created for a local restaurant during an internship at Com Creative World, Montpellier



During the internship at Com Creative World I was asked to design a new menu for a local restaurant in Montpellier. The menu was destined to be printed onto stickers on mounted upon display boards outside the restaurant terrace to attract and inform passers by

The first proposition made to the client was an unconventional white on black design, and using the color pink from the logo to make it more eye-catching. Although the client was fond of this design they were worried about the practical problem of a somewhat older clientele having difficulty reading the menu, so in the end the more traditional white on black format was chosen. However my persona preference still remains for the darker version.

All work carried out in conjunction with Com Creative World, Montpellier

Abstract mockup of the menu

This image shows the full menu bar one page

Here is a closer look at the design on a couple of pages

This is the dark design that the client eventually chose not to use

The dark menu in situ (sort of)

Here are a selection of other images of this project including mockups. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here