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RetouchImage forMagazineCover


Challenge was to retouch an image and present it as a fictional cover for Rolling Stone Magazine



During the course at Objectif3W in 2017 we were asked to retouch a particularly unattractive photograph and the present it as a cover photo for Rolling Stone magazine. The focus of the project was placed more upon the retouching of the image than the complexity or fidelity of the Rolling stone cover design. I therefore opted for a very simple, minimalist cover design, with only two or three articles and the price. However research showed that this is not uncharacteristic of Rolling Stone who often employ fairly simple or minimalist cover designs.

When retouching photographs I like to always try to keep the look as natural as possible. It is possible to make faces look flawless with Photoshop touch ups, but it is obvious to look at and much of the character is often lost. I try to keep as much of the skins natural texturing and detailing as possible, rather than covering and reproducing the texturing artificially. I tried to create the effect of a light, natural makeup with a little bit of glam for the context of Rolling Stone.

This is the finished retouching and the original image (inset)

Close up “before and after” comparison of the photo

The finished touched-up image and the magazine cover design

Here are a selection of other images of this project including some mockups. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here