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FarmFoodCompany DesignLogo


Logo design created during internship at Com Creative World, Montpellier, for a local collective fresh produce distributor



I created this logo whilst on internship at Com Creative World. The client wanted their existing logo (seen right) revamped and modernized. The criteria for the new logo was that it must work in a monochrome format so that it could be printed onto shopping and grocery bags.

I proposed the client two versions for the new logo, which you can see below. Eventually the Version One was chosen. Unfortunately at the last minute the client changed their mind due to a strong sentimental attachment to their old logo and requested simply that I re-produce it in a high resolution vector format.

All work carried out in conjunction with Com Creative World, Montpellier

Clients original logo that they wished to be revamped

First logo proposition made to clients

Second logo proposition made to clients

Here are a selection of other images of this project including mockups and color variations. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here