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CardGame LogoDesign


Logo design for an online collectible card game, part of a group project created while studying at Objectif 3W, Montpellier.



This logo design was part of the Cystopia group project at Objectif 3W in 2017. The project objective was to make an online collectible card game in the vein of Hearthstone or Magic: Online. As a result this logo was not entirely of my own creation, a colleague in came up with the initial design. It was decided that his design had the most potential of all our ideas, but required further development.

My role was taking the initial logo proposition and developing it further and refining it. Using the themes of technology and a “big brother” dystopia, I created the surveillance eye to replace the letter “o”, and experimented with different designs for the letter “c” that had a computer technology vibe. Here you can see the starting point, the finished design, and some of the ideas which didn’t make the cut.

Top: Initial logo proposition, made by colleague in group. Bottom: my finished logo design based on the inital proposition

The final logo with is coloring

Some of the other logo ideas proposed.

The logo rendered in 3D in Autodesk 3dsMax

The eye motif became and important graphic for the game, used to represent the Cyberpunk team

Here are a selection of other images of this project. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here