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CardGame landingPage


Landing Page template made for the collectible card game project Cystopia, at Objectf 3W, Montpellier.



This logo design was part of the Cystopia group project at Objectif 3W. The project objective was to make an online collectible card game in both online browser and tabletop formats. The project required the design of a landing page to advertise the game and it’s launch,
and to allow people to sign up for the Newsletter about the game.

Having already designed the logo and the cards by the time I started working on the landing page, the look and feel of the design was very much established. To keep continuity I used the same themes in this design that already featured in the card and logo design. The use of hexagons, the team logos, the Cystopia city etc. The development half of our project team were tasked with integrating the landing page in html, however never finished the work… so sadly all I have to show here is the mockups.

Landing Page in situ

The full layout of the landing page together with the column zoning for responsive design on the right

Close up of the first section of the landing page.

The central section of the page containing information about the game and it’s release date.

Last section of the landing page, this is where user sign up for the newsletter.

Here are a selection of images from this project. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here