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Coursework Project at Objectif3W to create a cover and article for an arts and design themed Fanzine



This project was part of my course at Objectif3W during 2017. Students were charged with creating a fictional fanzine with an arts/design/culture them. Each student had to produce a cover design and article for the A5 format fanzine. The professors would put all of these together, choose the best cover design and produce the fanzine.

As the course was in Montpellier (France) which was originally home to one of Ubisofts major design studios, I choose to reproduce and interview with one of the Assassins Creed design team. The Fanzine I called HD-Design or Haute Definition Design (High Definition Design) and decided to go with and orange and blue theme for energy and creativity. Sadly, like so many promises made during the O3W course, the fanzine was never assembled and produced by the professors, but still I liked the design so decided to show it here.

Mockup showing the Fanzine article

This is my front cover design for the A5 Fanzine

This is the article across two facing pages

Here are a selection of other images of this project including mockups. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here