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CardGame Project


Group project to design and integrate an online collectible card game.



This project contains the following design tasks :



The Cystopia Project was a group project undertaken at Objectif3W during 2017. The goal of the project was to design and create an online collectible card game similar to WoW’s Hearthstone. Each of the groups participating in the project were assigned two themes at random, upon which they would base the two opposing teams in the game. Our groups themes were Cyberpunk and Manga(!)

The members of the groups were also assigned at random, three people working on the design and three people working on development. On the design side myself and my two teenage teammates were tasked with designing and creating the logo, the cards and characters, the game board (online and tabletop), the website, the landing page as well as all the necessary promotional materials, newsletters, banner ads etc.

Sadly due to a disorganized course structure and an inexperienced team the project was never finished, and never got close to achieving it’s full potential. As a whole the group never managed to embrace an original or cohesive vision of the world we were creating… which lead to the wholesale copying of existing well-known Manga and Cyberpunk characters possessing no thematic continuity, rather than the creating of original characters and effects belonging to a single context. And although the project results were ultimately disappointing, I feel that there was enough potential in the early design ideas to make them worth showing here.

The first task in the Cystopia Project was to design a suitable logo for the game. The logo was a collaborative effort to begin with, then after the first evaluation I continued developing the initial ideas alone until eventually refining the finished logo.


The card design was one of the most difficult parts of the project. The goal was to create a basic format for the different types of cards in the game, into which we could later add the specific details of the creature or spell or effect


This was one of the most enjoyable tasks in the project. The objective was to design a landing page to advertise the release of the game and to get people to sign up for the newsletter. I think the finished design was structured nicely and would have worked well.


The task here was simple. To design and code a newsletter to advertise the release of the game. A straightforward and self-contained task, the newsletter was by far the easiest task in this project