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Carddesignfor cardGame


Objective to design the cards for an online and tabletop collectible card game. Group Project Cystopia at Objectif 3W



An important part of the Cystopia project to make an online collectible card game was the design of the cards themselves. As with a game like Magic the Gathering the cards represent either characters or effects. They require a consistent overall design with space to put illustrations and the specific details of the character/effect they are representing, such as cost and attack & defense scores.

In our game the cards were divided into four categories; creature cards, spell cards, shield cards (variation on creature) and a legendary. Each card required changes in design to communicate their role to the player, as well as accommodating the different attack/defense information. I think these designs (and game overall) had a lot of potential, sadly however for reasons *cough* *cough* far beyond my control this potential was never realized, and the final illustrated cards never had the aesthetic cohesion or punch that they should have had.

Mockup of the final designs

Basic design for the card front. On left a creature card from the Manga Team and on the right a spell card from the Cyberpunk Team.

Left a Cyberpunk Legendary card and on the right a standard card with Cystopia city background (which, once again, were sadly never used).

Right: the final finished design for the rear of the card showing Cystopia City and on the left the first proof of concept version of the design.

Some other designs experimented with for the back of the cards.

Here are a selection of images from this project. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here