Gnetix Portfolio Entry


TechCompany Brochure / BusinessCard


Project to design a business card for a local tech company, as well as a introduction brochure for new staff, with Com Creative World.



Whilst working with them Com Creative World were approached by a tech company who wanted firstly a modern business card designed for them and secondly, and for someone to design and format their word processed orientation brochure/pamphlet for new employees

The interesting part of this design is that the client wanted the rear of the business card to feature a 121 line QR code with full contact information and addresses for each member of staff. As they are a tech company working on microprocessor manufacture, I decided to use a processor as a central element in my design. Being square the processor was an ideal choice for integration of the QR code.

All work carried out in conjunction with Com Creative World, Montpellier

Final SFEI business card design

Front of the business card

Rear of the business card

Front and rear covers of the employee orientation brochure

Pages two and three of the employee orientation brochure

Here are a selection of other images from this project, including a vertical formatted version of the business card which was also proposed to the client, even though they preferred and chose the more standard landscape format. If you like this work and would like to know more then please feel free to contact me here